LeCroy 9400A Driver


System requirements :

  • MATLAB R2010a or later 
  • Windows or Mac OS
  • Prologix GPIB-USB
  • LeCroy 9400A or 9400

License : Freeware


A new driver for an old oscilloscope.

Autoscale High-Resolution Display : The function returns two figures (with up to 25’000 points per channel). The first one displays two channels on the same graph, and the second one displays one channel per graph. The two figures use autoscale (for x and y axis).

Data Processing : The function computes only the mean and RMS values of each channel, but all the data are saved in the workspace. So you can create your own signal processing.



1) Connection : use a Prologix GPIB-USB Controller with the latest drivers (http://prologix.biz) or an equivalent product. Set the address on LeCroy’s rear panel to «01».

2) Configuration for Windows :

  • Install «Prologix GPIB Configurator» (http://prologix.biz/resources.html)
  • Set the GPIB Controller mode to «Controller» and the address to «1»
  • Click on «Update CONNECT.ini»
  • In «Devices and Printers» of Windows, verify or set the Prologix Controller to «COM 8»
  • Run MATLAB
  • Run the function «LeCroy_9400A.p»

2 Bis) Configuration for Mac OS :

  • Run MATLAB
  • Run the function «LeCroy_9400A.p»

Configurations Tested :

  • Windows 7, MATLAB R2010a, Prologix GPIB-USB Controller 6.0 (driver 2.08.14)
  • Mac OS 10.7, MATLAB R2010a, Prologix GPIB-USB Controller 6.0 (driver 2.2.16)

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